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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

San Francisco Punk Revival

Penelope Avenger & Rodney

That's the beautiful Penelope Houston of the Avengers with Rodney Bingenheimer, photographed at KROQ during his show, Rodney on the ROQ. In 1977, San Francisco's Avengers had an awesome 3-song EP out on Dangerhouse, a Los Angeles label that also released records by X, Black Randy, The Weirdos, The Bags, The Dils, and The Alleycats - hope I'm not forgetting anyone. Anyway, The Avengers single, "We Are The One" was anthemic and bold. They always performed with great conviction, and to me, Penelope had that same kind of star quality you saw in Billy Idol, and it was a lot more than just their scultped good looks and spiky blonde hair. She was simply riveting.

If you missed her the first time around, don't fret. The Avengers will be playing in San Francisco on Jan 22 at Cafe Du Nord. The show is $10 advance. But note: 21. It's a warm up gig for the Avengers first European tour! They'll play Italy, Swizzleland, Germany, and the UK.

Another amazing San Francisco band you may have missed the first time will also be playing at the Cafe du Nord in February. The Mutants will be performing on Saturday, February 4. You can buy tickets online at Its a small place. Don't miss out on either of these shows.

If you don't know who the Mutants are, you really must start digging in. They were a big arty collection of people who lived and breathed the avant garde lifestyle, including the being in a band thing. What really put the Mutants on the map for me was that they played a mental hospital back in 1978, opening for the Cramps. Its just about the craziest, artiest and punkest thing I'd ever heard of then --- and since. That show is pretty famous in our little punk world. Napa State Hospital...where you might not have been able to differentiate the mindset of the patients with that of some of the performances...I'm not saying any of the bands were crazy...but they certainly both gave out-there performances, and that's what one liked about them.

Sorry to say, while I do have some fun photos of the Mutants (well, mostly of Sally) hanging out backstage at a club in San Francisco when they opened for the English Beat, those pictures have yet to be printed.

Its one of my New Years Resolutions: bring you the photos of San Francisco punks!
But, on your own, you can still get their music. Go do it; you still have Christmas cash, right?

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