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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Punk in the 1990's

Yes, folks, even during the grunge movement, there was bonafide punk in the 1990's. Not that I'm saying Nirvana wasn't punk...I think they were a rock band with punk overtones. Now, King Louie, pictured here IS and ALWAYS WAS a bad ass punk rocker. Fronting bands such as the Persuanders, Kajun SS and his own King Louie One Man Band, this New Orleans-born and bred music maker, probably part gator, has been doing the punk thing since forever. It was the 90's when he made his mark. He was part of that underground that also brought you the likes of my favorite band of the 1990s, the Oblivians.

This three-man line-up here is a combination of King Louie, Jack Oblivian and Harlan T. Bobo, known collectively as Loose Diamonds. Missing from the shot is Chad, who had already gone home by the time the rest of us got around to taking this picture. Sorry Chad... next time.

What makes this punk? The do-it-yourself initiative and drive, the just-do-it thing, and the completely passionate and unhinged nature of the performance and of the music itself.

I wish I had photos of these guys from the 90s... but this is what they looked like last September. It just goes to show the staying power of the forgotten music, the underground sound, and that contrary to popular belief....these misfits actually fit in somewhere...even if it is their own private world.

There has been so much romanticising of the punk rock years by just about everyone who was not living in it. Can I tell you the truth? It wasn't unlike high school cliques and hanging around wondering who was going to drive, or who we could scam a ride from, could we get on a guest list and was there enough money for alcohol and other forms of entertainment? Most importantly, we didn't give a damn about what anybody said and thought about us.

Best place to find the music made by these folks? Goner Records the homegrown label (and record store) started by Eric Oblivian back when the Oblivians needed to put out their music. Still going strong.

Oblivians and Goner are a whole subculture unto itself. I don't think there's anything more punky and trashy around. I mean that in the most affectionate way, too. There's no sentimentality...just an adamant love of the music and a stubborn insistence that if it ain't trashy garage punk, it ain't worth the time of day...

That my friends, is punk from the 90's...

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