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Friday, January 06, 2006

Its Gotta Start Somewhere and Here it Is

Wayner Kramer
Wayne Kramer

Yes, that's him, Wayne Kramer, godfather of it all. Many tributaries have flown from his mighty current. What I like about Wayne Kramer, of the legendary MC5 is that he owns his history for all its good and its negative points. They were bad boys, you bet. But they made people react, and that's worth more than its weight in precious metals. When you take a stand, people will want to knock you down...this I learned from just chatting with Wayne this afternoon. We can all learn a lot from this man.

So, all I have to say today is: Wayne Kramer - godfather of punk rock, visionary, troublemaker, devilish angel.... and maybe saint.

Keep kickin' ass my brother!

Wayner Kramer Central Park

1 comment:

Dave Swanson said...

Amen to that! Brother Wayne is the man who done kicked 'em out before any of us knew we needed 'em kicked out!! Rock On Forever Wayne!! And rock on yourself there Miss Theresa!!!