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Saturday, January 28, 2006

And the answer is.....

When the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductees for 2006 were announced, I wondered aloud and on this blog if Gary Valentine would be attending the ceremony. That's him behind Debbie Harry in the photo here... I could not have been more surprised to hear from him via email that he will be there! We shall be touched by his presence, dear.

In case you didn't get the pun, "I'm Always Touched By Your Presence" is the title of the song written by Gary on Blondie's second album.

I was further reminded of Gary tonight, my last night in LA for a month or so - my gracious hostess for this month, Jackie Sharp, of Target Video fame was showing me a reel of Target highlights that included a clip from an Iggy Pop show circa 1982/83 at the Old Warfield in San Francisco. Iggy was wearing black silk stockings, garters, hot pants and a cap - looking like something from the movie Cabaret. His band? None other than: Clem Burke, Gary Valentine and Rob duPrey, essentially the Blondie rhythm section and a Mump. I was at that show. I flew up from LA to see it. That night, I remember having a sushi dinner with Gary, going to the show, and staying up all night with my pals in the band. I, too, was wearing black silk stockings and garters... but no hot pants. I wore stilleto heels... Iggy did not. Score 1 for me...
Me & Clem, 2004
Me & Clem.... but no stilleto heels

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