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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The "It Girls"

Belinda, Pleasant and Wyline, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

Every culture, every subculture, every genre, tribe, niche, etc. had their "it girl." Punk rock had at least five. Here are three of them: Belinda Carlisle, Pleasant Gehman, and Rosemarie a/k/a Wyline.

What is an "It Girl" ? She's a little like Truman Capote's Holly Golightly, although the British garage rock Holly Golightly herself is quite an "It Girl" in her own right. But we are talking the 70s and Los Angeles at the moment. The Los Angeles Punk Rock "It Girl" was everywhere at once and whatever she wore, you wanted ... however she did her hair, you tried it... whoever she dated, well, you were already hot for him anyway, but he wants to be her arm candy accessory.

The Punk Rock "It Girl" knew all the bands from everywhere, and often, they stayed at her place when they came through town. The Punk Rock "It Girl" had every independently released local record as well as imports before anyone else. She also was invited (without a specific invitation) to visit, hang out and chat on Rodney's radio show. She always got in free at every gig, and she had songs written about her.

These girls are STILL friends! I just saw Wyline last week at the Fleshtones gig at Spaceland. It was like time had not passed. I like that... because in my mind, at least I feel like I look like I'm 23....

Who were the other "It Girls"? Definitely Trudie of the Plungers, and Mrs. KK Barret to you...Helen Killer, Mary Rat... there were so many...

I know, you wish they all could be California Girls.

Happy Birthday to Tom Verlaine, who along with Richard Hell, convinced Hilly Kristal to turn his bluegrass bar into a place where local bands could play...CBGB

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