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Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Credit Roll

Blue Trash Can

The punk aesthetic relied heavily upon trash... trash bags, trash culture and trashy music. Well, its Christmas and here's a Christmas tree in a dumpster. Mind you, that's not how I'm feeling about this holiday... I just thought it was a relevant image.

As the year draws to a close, here are some people who have been helpful and inspirational in ways known only to me. I thank them publically:

Gary Stewart, Betsy Palmer, Scott Kempner, Kristian Hoffman, Kid Congo Powers, Ed Sotelo, Jason Conrad Shafer, Mark Leddy & Cindy Barber, Lisa and Jimmy Zero, David Steinberg, Frank Secich, George Cabaniss, Dave Swanson, John Paytosh & Megan Fitch, Mishka Shubaly, Cheetah Chrome, James Sliman, Andy McLenon, Steve Forbert, Dub Cornet, Robert Matheu, Eric Friedl and Jeanine, Zac Ives, Bryan Swirksy, Bill Nolan, Steve Naidich, Hugh Haggerty, The Ding Dong Lounge, Greg Cartwright, Tara McManus & Justin Hubbard, Long Gone John, Larry Hardy, Mike Grimes, Doyle Davis, Lee Wolfson, Tom Richardson, Lorilee Maxim & Rick Richards, Bryan Malone, John Nash, The Woggles, Raymond Leon Roker, Todd Abramson and Cheryl too, Jahna and Blair, Cynthia Santiglia, Joe Belock, Terre T. and the Cherry Blossom Clinic, Evan Funk Davies, Sue P., Donna Wolfe, Evan Tyson, Jim Lanza, Julie Patchouli, Alice Bag, The High Dials, Jeremy Scott, Greg Roberson, Darcy Miller, Alisa in Memphis, Kurt B. Reighley, Morgan Engle, Tony Phillips, Matt Williams, CAnderson, Todd Killings, Steve Shaw, Julie Benjamin-Buick, Dave Buick, Eddie Baranek, Leah Archibald, Dave Rick, Liz Lapof & Frank Turnitza, Eric Davidson, Kathy Golas, Carol Schumacher, Anthony DeCurtis, Angela & Michael Davis, Margaret & Wayne Kramer, Jeff O, Marc Bauer, Pleasant Gehman, Iris Berry, Roxanne Fontana-Treiber, John & Charmi Fugelsang, Joanna Spock Dean, Troy Gregory, Tom Potter, Eugene Strobe, Matthew Smith, Jimmy Ashhurst, Jackie Sharp, Hans Rotenberry, Jeremy Asbrock, King Louie & Rebecca, Jeff Evans, Jack Yarber, Clem Burke and Brendan Bourke.


Cynthia said...

Thanks for the thanks, and albeit neither original nor eloquent: RIGHT BACK ATCHYA!


Jimmy Ashhurst said...

Thank you, Darling.