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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And we don't care!

When the Sex Pistols sang in "Pretty Vacant" that "...we don't care," that just about raised the ire of all their detractors. How better to deflate a detractor than to be absolutely indifferent to what they think? seems that the less you care, the more others care about what you think. Yes...this all sounds so vague and existential right now. Later tonight, I can clarify. Maybe.

At any rate, its a response that I have found rather effective throughout my life. "I don't care" what my detractors think. That's so punk rock and yet quite mature all at the same time. How could that be???

One thing I do care about - today is Tom Waits birthday. He was a key figure in my life and early punk rock days at the sorely missed Tropicana. Happy Birthday Tom!

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