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Sunday, November 27, 2005

This Launched.....

Jett Idol, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

I was in the darkroom earlier this week making prints for the Cleveland's Screaming exhibit - there are two openings - December 3 and December 10. If you're in Cleveland... go!

Anyway, while I was there, making prints of several images of Stiv, at the end of the session, I had to make some prints for other commitments, including more prints of this Joan Jett / Billy Idol image.

It is the first photo I took that got world-wide coverage. Honestly, it was published in about 47 rock magazines around the world in 1978.

Prior to having this photo published, I had a few published here and there, including the Germs picture sleeve for their first single, "Forming." But after Joan and Billy graced all those magazines, I was more or less a known commodity and that leads me to where I am at this very moment.

There are a few people I always remember in connection with this. First - my partner in crime throughout the 70s and 80s, Pleasant. Next is Joan Jett, who at the time, was my neighbor across the street! And while I AM all about the girl power we had going here, so much of what I am able to do as a result of this photo opportunity and my proximity to Billy Idol during his initial promotional visit to America could not have been accomplished were I not friends with Brendan Bourke, who worked at Chrysalis Records at the time.

Where are we now?

Billy Idol and Joan Jett are still making music. Pleasant is a renown belly dancer! and Brendan manages one of my favorite new bands, The Sights from Detroit. They are not your run-of-the-mill Detroit garage band, OK? They are special... so please check them out. I'd like to thank Eddie Baranek of the Sights for helping me catch up with Brendan after so many years! Yes, one day, I was checking the Sights tour dates on their website and noticed their manager's name had a familiar ring to it...

So... the next thing on my agenda is to scan these newly-printed old pictures for you to see.

Well, really, the next thing on my agenda is to tell you that photographs make a really nice holiday gift for the music fan in your life. Did I mention that I have this Online Store? Check it out.... pretty please?

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