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Thursday, October 06, 2005

X on Lobotomy Night

X on Lobotomy Night, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

When Pleasant, Randy Detroit, Kid Congo and I collaborated on Lobotomy only Pleasant had the brains and the chutzpah back in 1977 to ask the brightest bands in town - X, Alley Cats, Germs, Flesheaters and more to play a "benefit" for our 'zine at the Whisky A Go Go.

Here's an early career shot of X. Note John Doe's polo shirt!

Twenty eight years later, I learned from In the Red Records guru, Larry Hardy that he actually attended the show the night the Germs played.

Look where we are now... plus ca change, plus ca meme chose.... meaning, Larry and I still talk about The Germs! Only we didn't know each other back then....

Anyway, if you are attending the Punk Turns 30 exhibits at Vinyl Fever in Tampa this weekend, you will see this photo! Memphis punks saw it at Goner Fest, a most enjoyable long weekend if ever there was one. Let me tell you one day how Greg Cartwright can give and take away almost like Mother Nature.... well, I guess you had to be there. But anyway, I hope you Florida locals will come and check this stuff out!

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hollymoody said...

yeah, like, 5 and a half hours or so, right?
Yeah, I'm bringing my mother and maybe a friend or two. Apparently, a lot of people are going, according to Vinyl Fever's event RSVP thingy.