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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tonight in Los Angeles

Tonight in Los Angeles, there is a concert featuring Suicidal Tendencies, The Germs, Fear, Marky Ramone, Flipper & More
It is an all ages show, and the first band, Flipper, goes on at 7 PM.
Needless to say, since it is 7:16 PM, I am missing it. It is a little odd - one of those "what year is it?" moments. The ticket price for this gig is $26, and tickets are through Ticketmaster, meaning you're gonna end up paying over $30. Back in the 70s, when these bands played, you probably wouldn't have paid more than $7 to see several of them on one bill. Back in the day, even if you paid for every show you attended, you might not even spend $30 in one week!

Of course, seeing Flipper and the Germs without Will Shatter and Darby Crash respectively would be just a little weird for me, since I saw them back in the day.

In any event, it just goes to show the lasting impact punk rock made and continues to make. LA Punk rules!

ps - don't forget that Daylight Savings Time ENDS tonight. Before you go to bed, set your clocks back one hour. NO you don't get another hour in the bar. It just means it will be darker earlier for Halloween.

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