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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Tomorrow is Halloween!

Lance Loud - Halloween

Yes, I'm taking the opportunity, since this Halloween falls on a Monday, to celebrate all weekend long!

This photo of Mumps front man, Lance Loud was taken on Halloween 1977. They opened for Devo at the Starwood, a club in West Hollywood that long ago got turned into a strip mall. Three days later, Mumps opened for the Dead Boys at the Starwood. That gig was the Dead Boys Los Angeles debut.

Yesterday, I spoke with Jimmy Zero to send my greetings - I was supposed to be at the Dead Boys reunion show on Halloween in Cleveland - but I can't make it because I'll be filming here in LA on Halloween. It's always great to talk with Jimmy. We always uncover something new in our ages-old story.

Jimmy Zero & me

What can I tell you? Its totally UNpunk, but Cheetah Chrome and Jimmy Zero are getting along like nice adult men. No more punk'd out fisticuffs....sure, onstage, there's fury, but its all in the music and the pose.

Hey - we grew up. After all, its like 30 years later....

Here's Stiv in a Halloween costume for ya!

Gothic Stiv

and me in a Halloween themed t-shirt


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