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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Memphis Music

Jack Yarber & King Louie

Even back in the day, all the punk glory seemed to center around "first" cities with huge metropolitan populations: London, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco...

However, there was great music all over the place and if you remember correctly, the Sex Pistols totally ignored New York and Los Angeles when they toured the United States in 1978. They did spend time in the South and left their mark on towns like Memphis, to be sure.

Pictured here are two of my favorite music makers - Jack Oblivian and King Louie. They're enjoying the night air in Memphis, taking a break from mixing their upcoming Loose Diamonds record. There is no end to the creativity you will find in towns like Memphis and Detroit, where the mixture of heat and poverty equal cheap living and plenty of time to devote to the creative pursuits. Everyone who's in one band is in five bands. They're all pretty good, too. Take notice! People like Jack White did and look where it got him! If the White Stripes turn you on, take a step back, visit the Crypt Records website and stock up on Gories and Oblivians records for a taste of the magical source elixir.

Yeah, I've been in Memphis for about ten days now. Its difficult to leave. However, I AM leaving and I'll be in the darkroom for the next four days printing pictures for my exhibits in Florida at the two Vinyl Fever stores. See you there!

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Alisa said...

Oh my, Theresa! That's Jack?? Of course I know who he is! I think he used to hang with my old friend Johnny Singer a long, long time ago. Well, a long time ago. And, hey, that pic of you in Memphis is just great! (Thanks for the add and credit). Glad you had such a great time here. See you again, I bet!