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Friday, September 23, 2005

Because I am in Memphis

.... Because I am in Memphis, I am showing you a photo of Jody Stephens of Memphis musical heroes, Big Star with Ken Stringfellow who plays with Big Star these days as well as doing his solo thing and the Posies.

OK, so they aren't punk, per se, but Big Star was just hugely influential to musicians everywhere, and honestly, if Alex Chilton and his dogged determination to do things his way regardless of what people say and think isn't punk, I don't know what is. He may not have covered "My Way" like Sid Vicious did, but he certainly has always done it his way!

If you are in Memphis at the amazing and fun fun fun Goner Fest, please come on down to the Goner store today at 4 PM for a hot dog cook-out, live music from Jeff Evans and Ross Johnson and the official "opening" of my Punk Turns 30 exhibit here in Memphis.

I have some of the usual suspects featured in the 34-image line-up: Stiv, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Cramps, Black Randy and Pat Bag. But there are some new images being put into the rotation here in Memphis: The Jam, The Avengers, X and The Alley Cats. Hope to see you there.

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