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Monday, August 08, 2005

Kid Congo Checks In

Kid Congo Powers, from his collection

I think he may the longest-standing friend I have, Kid Congo Powers. We've known each other since we were teenagers in Los Angeles. We've traveled around the world, not together - on our own, but always manage to find one another in every foreign city, or every place even thousands of miles from home. Its wonderful that he is also in New York - and in Brooklyn, like me, to boot!

He said I could share his email to me with all of you, and here it is:

I had become addicted to your blog site with all the photos... I was probably a few feet away from you a lot of the time. It's nice to remember via image, which sparks more memory for me than written stories. I am one of those people that ...never forgets a face.

The CB's show was really great. The Bush Tetras were AMAZING, better than back in the day. It sounded very fresh and some people who didn't know their music were blown away. I hope they choose to do more shows. The audience was older, of course, but I was wishing some of those young hipsters had been there to get a lesson on what was REALLY going on in the 80's underground, and how it translaates to today... Anyways, The audience loved it. Ari Up was really great too. super eccentric and she did a lot of SLITS songs. Very Punky reggae... It was a good night and example of what variety there was in the punk scene and post punk and how it still is original sounding 20 or 30 years later. Our band fit in fine in this catagory which made me feel i am still on the right track.. hurrrah!

I love this man, Kid Congo. Kid and Pleasant and I had such wild and wonderful times back in the day... Lobotomy, the parties, the cemetary, just being in Los Angeles.... meeting all these bands we loved... and Kid goes and joins half of them! See ya in the hood, Kid.

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