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Friday, August 05, 2005

Hot as Hell Here...

Labor Day, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

August in NYC... man its HOT. I feel like any of these pieces of grilled meat...

Today, August 5 is a big day for live music in NYC. I'm just reminding you to take advantage of someone else's AC - you could go to CBGB and catch a very rare reunion of Bush Tetras, with Kid Congo & the Pink Money Birds opening. Told you about that the other day.

If you are in Brooklyn and want to check out some up and coming out of town action by some cool up and coming garage-punk bands, Union Pool is the place to be. The Turpentine Brothers from Boston will be in the house, supported by The Patsys from Columbus, OH.

The Turpentine Brothers get their solid foundation from one of my fave musicians, Tara McManus, who you know from Mr Airplane Man.

Girls & cars
Tara McManus, on the right

Justin Hubbard and Zack Brines fill out this trio on guitar and organ, respectively. They remind me of The Oblivians on a gospel album jag combined with the Cheater Slicks in one of their wild guitar freak-outs. Why would you even dare miss this?

If nasty garage/punk inflected R&B is your thing, get on down to Union Pool tonight, or if you live elsewheres, please do get their record, "We Don't Care About Your Good Times," out on Alive/Bomp.

New Bomb Turk, Jim Weber is the latest addition to The Patsys, and I can't wait to see them with him. The Patsys deliver all the cool punk rock girl stuff I know and love from the 70s - Exene Cervenka/Patti Smith with a touch of Debbie Harry - with their own brand of Ohio garage-punk-R&B.

If you are out west, and you want to experience some hot young rockers who can channel a Stiv Bators/Mick Jagger thing, then look for The Mystery Girls. I'm looking forward to their return to NY next month, opening for The Reigning Sound.

It has been way too hot here for me to go into a chemical filled room and make new old pictures... but I hear its gonna cool off next week... so next week, I hope to get back into the dark room. Recently, I photographed the MC5, punk godfathers, that I'd like to share with you. And hopefully, I'll have cleaned and scanned some vintage slides by then as well.

Until then, keep cool - I think the entire Western Hemisphere is having a heat wave!

Oh, and a contininuing Happy Birthday to Jeremy Scott, original Reigning Sound bass player.

He's money!

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