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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Re-thinking the Minutemen

3 guys in a trailer park, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

Mike Watt here on the left, circa 2004, with Evan Foster(Boss Martians) and Michael Kastelic (Cynics).

I made the mistake the other day of admitting to a man that I just didn't get the Minutemen. Then I heard his eloquent explanation of the beauty of their music.

I think I still don't get it but, I totally do get all that the Minutemen influenced. That's not so bad, then, is it?

I always thought the Minutemen and whole SST and Epitaph thing was a dude movement. You know, there are chick flicks? Well, in my world, there's dude music.

The Who had a period that I considered dude music, and they lost me during that time. I think its the Who period that Billy Idol likes best if you go by his choice of covering of "Who Are You" on his current tour. See, dude music.

Anyway.... all that aside. . . you should keep your eyes peeled for that Minutemen documentary. Its quite good.

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