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Friday, July 15, 2005

Missing the Dickies...

Black Randy and Stan Lee, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

Back in the day, back in LA, I never once missed a show by the Dickies, but I've been working non-stop and missed them here and now. That's guitarist, Stan Lee in this photo with Black Randy, hanging out on the Sunset Strip around 1977.

If anyone caught their NYC show at the Continental, drop a line or a comment and share your thoughts.

Right now, I'm preparing for two upcoming exhibits in the South, so I'll be digging up new old images very soon. But I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that if you're digging these photos and want one, I have an online store where you can buy this photo and a few others - you have your choice of sizes and can crop them if you want.

Also, if you live in NYC, you can visit some of your favorite punk pictures in person at NYCD on the Upper West Side - 171 W. 81st Street near Amsterdam Avenue. There's some good eats up there, so make an afternoon of it (I like EJ's Luncheonette in particular - on Amsterdam). Be sure to say hi to Sal and Tony at NYCD, as they are the last of a dying breed - guys who truly love music and run a completely independent record store full of really cool stuff. Treat em right and buy something!
Um, did I say it before? You can buy THIS photo in the online store.

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DeepToej said...

I saw the Dickies at the Continental on Friday night, and 2 nights earlier in Clifton, NJ (needed to go twice, just in case they never come back). I hope I don't shatter any illusions when I say they did the exact same set both nights, including the jokes! But they are pros, after all, and the shows were amazingly tight. They opened with Rosemary, I'm OK and See My Way; closed with Stuart & Gigantor; encored with Eve of Destruction & Banana Splits. Got it at the Store, Curb Job, Waterslide, Tricia Toyota, a bunch of others. New bassist & drummer, naturally. I liked the drummer a lot.