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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Jimmy Zero

jimmy-david16A, originally uploaded by Cool Auntie.

Not enough good things can be said about my friend, Dead Boy, Jimmy Zero.

Yeah, he was the guy who injected a little pop into the band. He harmonized and he played part of a great guitar team with Cheetah Chrome, who was my favorite troublemaker until recently, when he became my favorite rock n roll dad.

Jimmy Zero still lives in Cleveland. He makes the scene, supports local bands, gives advice and does produce music. He continues to write songs and he made a beautiful contribution to the Greg Shaw memorial tribute album with some of the other musicians who worked with both Stiv Bators and Greg Shaw.

This photo was taken during those vocal sessions - in Youngstown, Ohio in March, when winter just wouldn't leave. In the soft focus foreground is David "Quinton" Steinberg who played drums in both the Dead Boys (post Blitz) and in Stiv's solo band on tour and on the secret pop gem record of the 80s, "Disconnected."

David is no slouch in the gentleman area either. Aside from being one cool Keith Moon kind of drummer, he's a music lawyer up in his native Toronto and makes sure that musicians and creative types don't get screwed. He's helped me plenty! He's also a cool rock n roll dad, and I hope he lets his kids see this so they can know without a shadow of a doubt just how cool their dad is!

The thing I like most about Jimmy Zero is that he is so honest about everything that transpired during the punk rock years and that he's lived to tell. Despite the Dead Boys' reputation as young, loud, snotty and trouble-making, Jimmy was always the sensitive soul. I know the rock n roll exploits left their mark, but he is a better and well-rounded man for having survived it all. He is the kindly big brother to wannabe punk rockers, and to me too!

I think this man has a book in him.

I love you Jimmy Zero! Can't wait to see you saving CBGB next month.

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