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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Fave Drummers... (its Ringo's birthday)

Clem & Syl, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

Well, he's not Ringo, but he's punk rock's MVP: Clem Burke in a repeat photo. Yeah - that's Syl Sylvain of the NY Dolls with him.

Today is Ringo's birthday, so you're getting a photo of my fave punk drummer. Clem hits hard, fast and accurately. He's got both the British Invasion pop sensibility as well as the furious energy of punk. Not to slight anyone else, because there are a lot of great drummers in punk rock. Tommy Ramone! Not just a drummer, but a production visionary. Though a classic rocker, and sadly no longer with us, Keith Moon embodied a punk rock spirit; Topper Headon from the Clash is high on my list and so is Chris Whitten, who did his best work with Julian Cope, but has played many genres in bands such as The Waterboys, Dire Straits, Paul McCartney - so there's the Ringo connection! - and is in the music video for decidedly unpunk Don Henley's single "All She Wants to Do is Dance." I am not neglecting Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols, Johnny Blitz and later David Quinton of the Dead Boys and other Stiv Bators projects. Here's my other favorite drummer:

David Quinton / Steinberg

Before signing off, nods to Jay Dee Daugherty, originally a Mump, but conscripted into the Patti Smith Group. Jay can play anything too! He's one of those guys who can hear a song once and then play it. He's played with Tom Verlaine, The Church, Willie Nile and many more musicians, but is always there keeping Patti Smith's steady beat.

Naming all these guys reminds me that I need to go scan many slides. Yes... pix in color, coming soon!

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