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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Vintage Punk Photos

Yeah - I'm having another photo exhibit. This time, I'm splitting up the photos between a record store and a nightclub, all at the same address. If you're in Nashville, you can stop by Grimey's on June 24 and anytime after that for a little while and check out my vintage punk photos. Also, in their venue, The Basement, I'm leaving some poster prints of vintage punks as a permanent installation.

The reason I like to show at record stores is that people who buy records actually know who the subjects of my photos are! Same with nightclubs.

This weekend would be a great weekend to buy records. Go cash that check you got on Friday and pick up some of the great records that were released this week and buy them from the vendors who are listed over there under the Buy Records link on the right.

Don't you just wonder what records Howlin' Pelle and Greg Cartwright bought here? If they were shopping this weekend, they might pick up The Dirtbombs "If You Don't Already Have a Look," released on In The Red.

Dirtbomb Mick Collins

Or one could pick up the new record by that other Detroit band, The White Stripes. Their "Get Behind Me Satan" is one hell of a cool disk. Personally, I'm all about the Mumps comp, "How I Saved the World" on Sympathy for the Record Industry. Then again, I'm biased towards my home boys, purveyors of power pop punk pastiche. Finally, the Southern gentleman pictured above, Greg Cartwright, will have a couple releases this year on a couple labels, including "Home for Orphans" on Sympathy and a live record from that blistering show at Maxwell's last July, to be released on TelStar. That show at Maxwell's was quite possibly the single best rock show I have ever seen in my 47 years. Don't know the street dates for these Reigning Sound records, so I think you just gotta keep visiting your local indie record store, in person or online. I'm doing that.

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