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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Punk Portrait Gallery

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1980, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

As I've been putting together the photos that will be exhibited at Grimey's in Nashville this Friday, June 24.. I've noticed a naturally occuring Portrait Gallery.

Here's the almost-innocent-looking Jeffrey Lee Pierce, which you can see at Grimey's if you're in Nashville this weekend, and here's the beautiful Patricia Morrison
Patricia Morrison - The Bags
of The Bags and Gun Club as well as Sisters of Mercy and The Damned, with whom she now plays along side her husband, Dave Vanian, the man who I think made Goth safe for punks. Otherwise, how could you have ever seen Stiv Bators do this:

Gothic Stiv

Considering Stiv, he would have done it without any encouragement from the Damned.

Did I ever share this funny story about when Stiv and I were in this habit of having an early dinner at the London Tex-Mex restaurant Cafe Pacifico? This was during the mid-80's when Stiv and I were roommates with Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks. Stiv and I would always make it to the restaurant in time for happy hour. We'd always see Rat Scabies and his group of friends. Stiv, ever the practical joker ALWAYS without fail would tip a waitress to bring Rat the booze of his choice and to swoon, "This one is on me. I have always been a huge fan of The Jam." Of course, this annoyed Rat, since we did it almost every day and managed to find some server who had not caught on to our joke. He'd always come over and give Stiv the business.

Anyway... I am also debuting two new portraits in the Punk Turns 30 gallery for Grimey's and The Basement. These two artists are not exactly punks, and one of them was the focus of an early slam by Johnny Rotten however -- each of these artists captured the true renegade rock n roll attitude that earns them their Godfather-like position in the world of post war youth culture. How's that for some American Studies speak? one of em ain't even American!

Wait and see. Those portraits will make their way here after their Southern debut.

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