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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Power and Volume

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Last night, I was out at Trash Bar in Brooklyn to see a great line up of current garage-punk bands.

Sad to say, I missed The Demands, fronted by my friend Jahna, who was definitely living up to the Lust part of the band's "Lust Mayhem and really loud guitars" motto. I was instead across the street at a computer-user-friendly cafe, trying to connect to the web with my new wireless connection so that Carol Schumacher of the Tough and Lovely could check her email. Her man, Jim plays in the New Bomb Turks who are now on tour in Europe. That's the band fronted by my neighbor, Eric Davidson. The band hails from Columbus, OH, as does the Tough and Lovely.

I did see Ghetto Ways, who I missed when they opened for the Dirtbombs a month ago. They are all fierce with attitude - most of it comedic, and more importantly, play fast and loud. The Tough and Lovely turned out a searing R&B inflected set of the real garage thing and they were followed by The Live Ones, a power trio that I first saw when they opened for the Cheater Slicks a year ago. I will miss the Cheater Slicks next week. They're playing with the Hunches and the only thing that softens the blow of that is that I'll be seeing the Reigning Sound, possibly three times in a row.

Carol Schumacher of the Tough and Lovely

So, the whole point of this is to mention that Jahna's boyfriend and partner in crime in two bands, Blair maintains a comprehensive concert calendar relevant to the Northeast. Carol pointed out that the link to it isn't in the easiest to find place here... so here's your short cut for the concert calendar at Power and Volume dot com and there's a link over on the right under See Live Music.

In the mean time, I will going to the photo lab this evening to print more pictures. Mostly for display at Grimey's and The Basement next weekend - June 24. If you are in the Nashville area, come on down. There's a reception open to all from 6-8 PM at Grimey's. Then you must stick around and go downstairs to see the band that made the best record of 2004 - The Reigning Sound. If you don't already know it - that record is "Too Much Guitar."

debbie postcard

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PS - not my discovery or anything, but because Ed was in the house last night, I do want to say Cleveland's New Lou Reeds are a band worth watching.

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