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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hugging Jimmy Zero

jimmy8A, originally uploaded by Cool Auntie.

I saw Cheetah Chrome the other day in Nashville. I was so happy he and his family came to my photo exhibit opening. We took some pix but I'm traveling so they're not yet developed. You'll see them next week.

But it brings me back to my beloved Dead Boys. Here's Jimmy Zero, whose pop sensibility balanced Cheetah's punk fury. This is Jimmy Zero today... still in Cleveland, and happy to be there - rocking still and being the godfather figure to young bands who are looking for a producer or songwriter from the golden age to mentor them.

Cheetah's in Nashville, also still playing on his own and with Rocket From the Tombs.

The remaining Dead Boys will be in NYC at the end of the summer for a blow out at CBGB, and yours truly will be doing a show of CBGB's all-stars somewhere in the city as well.

So what are we gonna do.... as the punk genre proves its staying power some 30+ years on? Let us keep paying tribute: Pick up the Dead Boys Live DVD. If you're a youngster, you missed them... so catch this. You'll be blown away. Pick up the British magazine Uncut this month (with Van Morrison on the cover) for some amazing stories and photos from the CBGB heyday. Its required reading ! Go see We Jam Econo, The Minutemen documentary too. Support the indie scene like never before and don't let the kids forget! Most of all, support your local punk rock music scene, buy records by local punk bands and keep it all going.

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ganesha.zine said...

hi, dead boys is my fav band.
i have a webzine about rock punk and underground and indiependient culture.
can you give me the jimmy zero email or something to make an interview to him?

young loud n snotty!