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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Come-backs and Reunions

The Saints never really went away. Sure band members left, and new people joined. But Saints front man, Chris Bailey has been making music non-stop since you first heard him. A brief history and updates about the Saints and Chris Bailey can be found on their website,

I am proud to be part of the crew that's bringing the Saints to those of you out there in NYC. Here's what we've told the press (oh, yeah, we borrowed freely from the band's website... in fact, all the good stuff is theirs!):

This seminal punk rock band from Brisbane, Australia actually pre-dated the much more famous Sex Pistols. That the Saints were ever thought of as a punk group was an accident of timing. They had been sitting at home in Brisbane listening to the Stooges for years, but just happened to release their first records when buzzsaw guitars had become fashionable on the other side of the world.

Lead by Chris Bailey, The Saints were all the rage when they landed in London to support their monster hit, "I'm Stranded." They've never really gone away, and have a brand new album - "Nothing Is Straight in My House." Loud, noisy, passionate and demented, this outlaw art reflects not only the current state of The Saints but the world we live in and maps out the surreal psychotic soul of our surroundings. The songs inspired by the fear & loathing of our times reverberate with rock 'n' roll's primal energy.

Chris Bailey now calls Europe home and brings The Saints to the USA after a successful "Burning Bush Europa 2005" tour. Fans of Australian rock n roll can expect a double treat - Marty Willson-Piper of the Church is playing guitar with The Saints. The Saints will appear in the sold-out Joey Ramone Birthday Show at a bigger venue downtown - but this show at the Ding Dong Lounge is a rare chance to catch The Saints in a real punk rock, in your face setting.

You can hear the Saints on WFMU. Check to make sure you tune in when The Saints play live on Terre T's Cherry Blossom Clinic! You can also win tickets to the Ding Dong show.

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john doe said...

can you get advance tickets for the saints?