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Monday, May 16, 2005

Chicago Blackout!

And on Thursday night, they will be rocking like crazy in Chicago at the Horizontal Action Blackout Click on the title above and check out the band list for each night. The images on this small version of my flyer are only some that you will be able to see in full (and buy) at the shows.

Pictured here are: Patricia Morrison (The Bags), The Germs, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Blondie, Lux Interior (The Cramps), Stiv Bators, and Joey Ramone.

While the photos are mine, the poster was designed by Jahna Rain of The Demands, a NY-NJ band specializing in Lust, Mayhem and Really Loud Guitars. Visit their website and look at their great album cover! Another collaboration between Jahna and me. Jahna is a great graphic artist, if you need one.

Which brings me to the topic of punk-inspired graphics. Where would visual arts be today if not for the pioneering done by fanzines and DIY publications. Brad Dunning whose name some people may know as an in-demand interior designer, designed the logo for Lobotomy, the brainless magazine, the brainchild of Pleasant Gehman, and made by Pleasant, Randy Detroit, and sometimes me. Brad also published a zine called Contempo Trends. Slash was probably the greatest contribution to post-70s graphic arts. Steve Samioff, now retired from this and living in a tropical rainforest cannot go un-heralded for his vision. More on these fine people soon. I've got to go make more pictures.

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