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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Punk Girls Rock n Rule!

My good pal and life long friend, Jenny Lens just got herself a blog! She's telling the stories behind her pictures! If you want to check out her blog, you can find it here right on Blogger.

Here's Jenny in living color:

I was also quite enthused the past few days to hear from fabulous punk women from back in the day!

Alice Bag left a nice note on this blog, and we exchanged some stories. I highly recommend checking out the Official Website of Alice Bag for some great memories. She has put up all sorts of gig flyers and posters from back in the day. She's also started an area on her website where she conducts interviews of other punk women - so far, you can check out interviews with Jenny Lens, Dinah Cancer, Philomena Bessy, Jade ZeBest, Ann Summa and Seal. The latest interview is with Pleasant Gehman of Lobotomy fanzine fame. Here's a direct link to the place on Alice's website to read these great interviews.

While I was away for the weekend, Julie Patchouli who played bass for the Pandoras when I photographed them for the "Hot Generation" single dropped a line. She's got a pretty fab website too. Catch up on what she's been doing lately.

Everyone is still rocking something cool.

You can also click on the links to these ladies websites over on the sidebar to your right.


motomama said...

I love your blog, too. I found you through Alice and Jenny. I linked to you in my list. Stop over sometime.

Theresa K. said...

HI -- Thanks for stopping by. I will visit your blog today!