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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thank you Bloggers! Plus an update

I would like to thank the following Blogs and Bloggers for stopping by, looking around and linking to me:

Eye of the Goof
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Your support is very much appreciated!

I spent Thursday, March 10 in Youngstown, Ohio with Jimmy Zero, and the guys who backed Stiv Bators on his "Disconnected" album as they collaborated with fellow Ohio rockers Dave Swanson, Billy Sullivan, members of Blue Ash and The Infidels on a track for the upcoming Tribute to Greg Shaw record to be released by Bomp!. Yes, I took photos but more than that, I laughed a LOT. It was as though 25 years had not passed, and we just picked up the conversation where it left off. We spent a lot of time hanging out in the Belmont Street Denny's, which was Stiv and Frank Secich's childhood hangout -- the place where many Dead Boys future plans were made and then some!

I am happy to report that Jimmy Zero, Frank Secich, George Cabaniss and David "Quinton" Steinberg are all doing incredibly well. They all look great - exactly as I remembered them. Let this be a lesson: rock n roll keeps you young!

Next week, look for pictures of Mumps, Patti Smith possibly The Cramps and Blondie, and definitely some present day pictures of Jimmy Zero and the other Disconnected heroes.


MrBaliHai said...

Thanks for the link! You, Jenny Lens, and Alice Bag are doing an excellent job exposing the roots of LA punk. It's important for people to know that influential bands came out of that scene, not just a bunch of poseurs.

Theresa K. said...

you're welcome. Thanks for the kind words. I am passing your thoughts on to Jenny Lens and Alice Bag.

The Cartoonist said...

Lots of thanks for the link, Theresa! BTW - you might like my 1979 Deutschland pages: