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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Ramones

Joey1, originally uploaded by Cool Auntie.

I shot but one roll of film of the Ramones at their February 17, 1977 Whisky A Go Go show. This is the first shot on that roll of film, Joey.

My friends and I were there to be fans: to pogo and scream. I understood Beatlemania when I stood there, smashed up against the stage, just inches away from Joey's spindly legs, from Johnny's power chords and scowl, from Dee Dee's high cheekbones and all punk cool. Tommy was behind this power trio in more ways than one. I'm ashamed to say that I have but one photo of Tommy. Its kind of dark, and maybe only I know its him.

Anyway, the Ramones had already been to LA, back in August 1976. LA loved the Ramones, and I think the Ramones liked us back. As Jenny points out, Johnny and Dee Dee chose to live there, and are buried there.

For years, the Ramones provided me with reliable punk rock entertainment. They never let me down. I cannot believe that Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee are gone. Poor, lonesome Tommy. Like Spinal Tap in reverse, of the original members, the drummer survives.

Honestly, the loss of three of the original four Ramones pretty much leaves me speechless. I didn't mean to sound like I was diminishing Tommy above, either. He's been particularly kind and helpful to me over the past few years.

Whatever I can do to keep their legacy going, I will.

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