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Monday, March 28, 2005

Living Dead Boys

Jimmy-TK14, originally uploaded by Cool Auntie.

Jimmy Zero and me, on March 10 in Youngstown, OH at the scene of the big old reunion of the "Disconnected" players.

Did you know what a great pop vocalist and songwriter Jimmy Zero is? I'd have to say that the deep dark secret of punk's earliest "young, loud and snotty" bunch was that in their hearts, they were Beatle-maniacs.

I was just popping in this evening to show this picture of Jimmy Zero today and to wish Cheetah Chrome and his lovely wife Anna a big congratulations on the birth of their son, Rogan, last week in Nashville, TN.

Little Rogan O'Connor looks just like his dad right now - not a hair on his head! I think Jimmy told Cheetah the obvious --- that he'd just set himself up for a lifetime of Rogaine jokes.

Anyway - welcome the world's newest living dead boy, Rogan Kennedy O'Connor - hope you grow up with your dad's musical chops and your mom's good looks. Uncle Stiv will be guiding you from afar. Don't listen to him, unless he's teaching you how to write songs...

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Anonymous said...

man! you look like totally unscathed especially next to jimmy zero. are you sure you are old enough to have had all these experience and taken all these photos?