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Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday VooDoo

The Cramps, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

The Cramps live at the Whisky A Go Go on their maiden voyage to Los Angeles....

This may have been the show where Jenny Lens convinced me that standing on the stairs at the Whisky was the photo vantage point for short people like us! I've cropped out a lot of the crowd, but trust me, they were daunting and really into the music... the punk voodoo rockabilly psycho garage thing known as Cramps music.

You can see the original Cramps here -- Bryan Gregory, dearly departed - he played that mean Flying V and rolled a cigarette around in his mouth while playing - the hot cherry side of the cig inside his mouth... and all with a straight face. Loved his streak of blond hair, too. Drummer Nick Knox human metronome, but not long for the band. Lux and Ivy are still taking this show on the road today.

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