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Friday, March 25, 2005

25 Years Later....

reunion, originally uploaded by Cool Auntie.

Whether you refer to them as Dead Boys, Phase 2 or as the band on "Disconnected," Frank Secich, David Quinton (Steinberg), and George Cabaniss are fine musicians that played with all the punk fervor needed to churn out Dead Boys songs behind Stiv Bators as he soldiered on after his original band had either quit or had been fired. Of the original Dead Boys, only Jimmy Zero remained in the fold. Together, they were a loud and rowdy punk band, and also a band of fine pop tunesmiths and performers as well. "Disconnected" is a great pop album released by one of punk's nastiest purveyors, and yet it sounds like he means it. Because he did.

On March 10 of this year, there was a reunion of this band when they converged on Stiv's hometown of Youngstown, Ohio to lay down the vocals on "Him or Me" for the Greg Shaw Tribute album. Just in case you wonder about their choice of song, it's one of Shaw's favorite songs ever.

Yup - I'm the girl here, the one in pink. Sure, we all got some grey hairs -- but at least everyone's GOT their hair -- and a few extra pounds -- but everyone is alive, well and happy. Frank's a proud dad whose son is a star hockey player on his way to college; David is a hot shot lawyer with two lovely young sons and George is a digital recording guru. I'm still the weirdo bohemian artist...

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