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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Backstage at the Whisky

Stiv & Sabel Starr, originally uploaded by Theresa K.

Stiv Bators and Sabel Starr posed for a few photos on this night at the Whisky A Go Go and one of them I took ended up in the Grapevine column in Playboy (February 1981 issue). I'll have to print it and upload it soon. Its in Black & White.

Was Sabel really the inspiration for "Pennie Lane" in the Cameron Crowe film, ALMOST FAMOUS?

Stiv once boasted to me that he had bedded at least 600 women, if not 1,000. Beautiful women and girls flocked to him. That skinny little guy.

That nice skinny little guy with the sparkling blue eyes, silly sense of humor and real gentlemanly behavior. . . beneath the rock star stuff, Stiv was nice. Nice boy from Ohio. And immensely talented in ways I didn't know about until recently.

Jimmy Zero, fellow Dead Boy and Clevelander, told me a story about seeing a photograph of Stiv, aged about 5, at the home of Mr and Mrs Bator, back in the day. Stiv had a disproportionately large penis. And in this photo, Stiv is aged 5 and has an adult sized penis. Apparently the other children in the photo are running away, scared.

Stiv is famous for posing with his pants down, exposing himself and tucking it in between his legs. Brad Elterman sent me a great shot of The Dead Boys where they are all posing like that. I'm going to ask him if I can post it here for you!


Anonymous said...

She was so young and beautiful! Great photo.

JJ said...

I want to see that Dead Boys picture of them exposing themselves.

Anonymous said...

ah, yes. good old ohio boys, in certain situations, will cause nothing but good old fashioned american trouble.

this is killer stuff!


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