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Sunday, November 02, 2008

My MTV Alpha & Omega

tk tom jones

That's me - the only woman in this photo opportunity of MTVNetworks staff and Tom Jones, who performed at a showcase pretty much for an audience consisting of only MTVNetworks people. The guy on the left side of the frame, or my right is Mike Grimes, aka "Magda," who was my legal department point-person. The guy on the other side of Tom Jones is a friend of Magda's but I cannot remember his name....

When I worked at the biggest media company in the world - Viacom, the company that can claim in its brand portfolio channels that entertain from cradle to grave... Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, TVLand and a whole host of digital iterations of these channels - I worked at VH1, and there were very clearly drawn audience lines -- we could not even write the words "punk rock" into any of our hosts' banter, let alone play a video by a punk rock band, and MTV - well, they weren't interested in many of the artists that VH1 laid claim to (like Celine Dion, for instance).

One of the funniest - as in peculiar - things about VH1 is that we were basically forbidden to say "Pearl Jam."

Its something to laugh about for sure... and in the what comes around goes around category, here's something that I'm rather proud of.

I am on MTV. Right now!

There's a slide show of Punk Turns 30 photos, featuring a representative selection from my Unguarded Moments tour on the newly-launched MTV Iggy channel online.

Once you get to MTV Iggy, put your cursor over the photos, up pops a prompt that helps you to scroll through the photos and take the postmodern docent tour of the Unguarded Moments exhibit highlights.

iggy 77 santa monica civic

I do not know why the channel is called Iggy. But I think its incredibly cool. Its the Bollywood portion of MTV...a part of MTV Asia with global content and contributions from some cutting edge people and international boldface names (like Padma Lakshmi).

From their own FAQ - Iggy is your global pop culture and music network. For anyone who has ever felt like they are not part of any one culture, this is the place that acknowledges that feeling and lets you filter through who and what you identify with… right now.

That sentiment is so in line with the heart and soul of punk rock - going all the way back to punk's pub rock beginnings and the Eddie & The Hot Rods anthem, Do Anything You Wanna Do - and I'm proud to be a part of it. There is a lot to discover in MTV Iggy, and I will be surfing around their site tonight - and I suggest you do too!

Start with the FAQ's if this is new to you: and then learn how to find and customize the experience for yourself. Then, check me out:

This is a busy and big week - Please remember to VOTE tomorrow, November 4 - if you have not already done so.

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