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Friday, February 03, 2006

Raji's Reunion Tomorrow (2/4/06)

If you were in Hollywood, California in the late eighties through 1994 and possessed any rock sensibilities, you occasionally found yourself at Raji's. The old Raji's is no longer there, due to the big Northridge earthquake of 1994.

In celebration of the good times and the great bands that played there, The Scene is hosting an unofficial Raji's Reunion with some of the bands that made it so cool! Its something that Angelenos might want to mark on their calendars for Saturday, February 4 to be sure.

What's up with the old site of Raji's? Well, its a bar...and Citysearch has this to say about the new place in Raji's old Sunset Blvd/Bronson Ave space, a place simply called, The Bar:

The Scene
Around town, slick lounges are fast replacing dives as the places to get stiff drinks, rock out or simply kick it. This geographically apt named venue used to be Raji's--an establishment straight out of a Bukowski novel. While the exterior has been only lightly touched up, the new owners have completely renovated the inside. The narrow, yellow-tinted space resembles a vintage parlor with its deep-brown color scheme, wall sconces, flickering candles, hanging fans and high ceilings. A fire-engine red, rock-and-roll-packed jukebox sits next to the well-stocked bar. Outside, a bamboo-lined smoking alley outside shares a wall with the St. Moritz Motel.

The Draw
The brooding crowd prefers to sip drinks, silently stare at the coquettish bartenders and nod their heads in tandem to the sounds of the Ramones or the Hives than to meet and greet with other patrons.

It doesn't sound like my kind of place. If the Ramones were blasting out of the jukebox, I'd be reminiscing with other patrons about that first time we pumped our fists in the air to Joey's battle cry of "Gabba gabba hey!"

But that's what's happening all around the world. Gentrification. And if gentrificiation skeeves you out... at least be thankful you're not in Detroit this weekend.

The Super Bowl is held in Detroit this year. I just can't imagine what that's gonna do to downtown Detroit. The Rolling Stones are among the acts performing during half-time. Motor City local, Stevie Wonder is singing the National Anthem I believe. Its totally UNpunk rock... the whole thing...unless Mick Jagger does a Stiv Bators and exposes himself the way Janet Jackson did a couple years ago. Oh, and this boarded up old Gothic castle is probably my favorite building in all of the Motor City. Its in the heart of the Cass Corridor... a neighborhood scary to many, but one I would call "home" if I had to.

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