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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Shameless Self Promotion

me 2005, photograph by Robyn Ginsburg

Back when I was an adolescent, someone told me I reminded them of "Gidget." Well, they were insane but the comparison to Sally Field occasionally stirs around in my head and I remember her ridiculous and effusive acceptance speech when she won her Oscar - the "you like me! You really really like me!" and I kinda sorta feel like that from time to time when you send me notes and comments or ask my opinion about something, or in the case of today - when you laud my work. The nice folks at Yuppie Punk, a cool blog I read frequently, have featured this here Punk Turns 30 on their space and asked me 11 teen mag type questions that I was only too happy to answer. Click on the title above and read it for amusement and to check out Yuppie Punk's cool blog.

According to some of the statistics that I grok all day and all night, these are your favorite of my photos...the question is: Are they? chime in!

Debbie Harry and Blondie

Jett Idol

I guess blondes do have more something....but bad boys have something too. This photo below is the one that brings the most new viewers to this site:

Dee Dee & Stiv

Now... go read Yuppie Punk so you can find out what is my own personal fave photo I've taken....

1 comment:

Steph Wills said...

Awesome interview, Theresa. Congrats. As to the favorite picture, thanks for narrowing the field to these three. There are simply too many others to choose from. Of the three, I've got to go with Blondie. All three are awesome, but the Blondie pic is inspired.