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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lifelong Friends

Pleasant & Kid Congo Powers

Pleasant Gehman and Brian Tristan (you can call him Kid Congo)-- two lifelong friends of one another and two of my lifelong friends as well. We are oh so very young in this picture. Well, you can't see me, but obviously, I was there.

I showed this to someone today who remarked that Pleasant didn't have such punk rock hair. She wasn't the kind of punk poster child that Hellin Killer was, with her Sue Catwoman style make up and all. Pleasant was her own woman with her own look. Gun Club's Terry Graham described Pleasant as having a big smile and looking sexy and fun. True, true.

Did I tell you the time that Pleasant, Brian/Kid and I drove down to Tijuana? Randy Detroit and my sister were along for the ride....however we fit into my little Honda hatchback is beyond me. Road trips all packed into that car were commonplace. We went to San Diego to see Blondie, to San Francisco to see them as well...we drove around just to drive around. Did I tell you about the time we visited the Hollywood cemetery on Easter Sunday? To smell Douglas Fairbanks and pick some Easter Lillies. We got chased in that litte Honda by some local thugs in a low rider. We threw a (Gutted) fish into the swimming pool at the Famous Lobotomy Apartment. Pleasant, Brian/Kid and I were all sick at the same time, lying on the floor getting over something when I kept waking up to take more aspirin, which left my stomach so rough that I thought only chocolate cake could help. Brian, Pleasant and I went to the Rock n Roll Ralph's and bought the kind that had its own bake-in pan....Brian/Kid almost walked through an open window at the Famous Lobotomy apartment because he thought I had a balcony.

That's some of the regular every day stuff...of life between three life long friends, who just happen to be dopes on punk.

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